"It’s really the government of the United States protecting an outdated, monopolist business model"

MegaUpload founder Kim dotcom’s first interview was just released on a New Zealand TV Channel. I had based my previous opinion of Kim on what I had heard and read about him, but after watching this I think he seems like a clever guy who’s done little wrong. The first version of this video was removed shortly after being posted to Dailymotion (by the DMCA aparently), so I found another version and downloaded it just in case.

My first thought was “Where can I host this that it won’t get removed”, and MegaUpload was the only place that immediately sprang to mind. Maybe thats saying something, but another interesting quote from the interview was that the authorities and record labels had direct delete access to MegaUpload servers, and that they had never brought a claim against Dotcom before. Will be interesting to see where this one goes.

(Source: twitter.com)

Been listening to this song on repeat in the car for the last few weeks, still hasn’t got old. Can’t figure out if it’s about someone leaving home or something more sinister, love it either way